Charon's Cradle, poetry written by Asceticquill at

Charon’s Cradle

Charon’s Cradle

written by: Asceticquill


She rides the
nebula of ambiance
holding a cloaked cluster
of virtuous trances.

Lillith embodiment
flyer of darkness
heed my weary plea
and let the light of
elegance enrapture thee.

Drift into my Omphalos
emancipate my inhibitions
to dine and revel in amour,

an esoteric prophecy
hybrid calamity
of acceptance,

chasing my
hollowed stone cortex
a feeling I fear
with utmost respect,

and impasse never gifted
from another only left
abandoned in my dimming light.

Insinuation lingers from
collapsed indigo reflections,

shrapnel from quiet wars
clawing at rogue tap dances
in winds of suspension,

laying like rust
coated across the realm
of duality twitching flickers
sending morse code tears
to a deity’s fleeting giggles,

a veil of compromise
my wisdom lays
in the copulation
of the sun and moon,

birthing new dimensions
from dying nightmares,

climb spinning stars
in the vortex of sublime.

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