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The Bittersweet Impermanence

written by: Neera Singhi Choraria


Her heart mellowed, melted like a chocolate
On hearing his name.
Her eyes twinkled when he lovingly gazed into her eyes.
She waited eagerly for his single glimpse those days.
To her, he was a rare uncut diamond from the faraway mines.
Her heart skipped a beat whenever he brushed past her.
She gleamed with happiness when he was by her side.
People called her crazy and mad, but she was totally high on his love.
His woody fragrance swirled her into another universe.
But.... but... that was her picture-perfect love, on the canvas of her mind.
He was just bittersweet impermanence like the last days of summer.
He was like an eagerly awaited rain in a desert, that’s never gonna fall.

Neera Singhi Choraria

Neera Singhi Choraria

I am Neera, fond of reading and writing. I am a homemaker and a psychology graduate.
Neera Singhi Choraria

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