Swimming, a poem by T.A. Jones at Spillwords.com
Edward Kucherenko



written by: T.A. Jones



When I took the dive, I
Didn’t think the waves would
Take me down and pull me
Under. Unexpected, I
Panicked and thrashed about.
Screaming at the top of my
Lungs but when you’re
Muffled and drowning in your
Own tears, no one cares to
Listen. Sinking further, I
Fall into water that changed from
Cold to warm and soothing.

Wrapped in a blanket of
Moisture, I think the dark
Waters are where I’m meant to
Be until I rot in the crevices of
Mysterious salty fears unknown to
Most. Eyes closed, I dream of
What I could’ve been and
What I could’ve seen but the
Deep, blue have pulled me from
Shores I’ll never see. It’s just
Me on my titanic and I’ll go
Down without a plea. But

Out of curiosity, I finally
Look around to see the
Darkness I surrounded myself
In to see I can’t even see
Anything. No dreams, no
Me. The warm blanket explodes
Into boiling water as the will to
Live pulls me up. Arms heavy,
No breath to speak, I don’t
Care if no one’s there, I just
Want to live and see the light of
My dreams. I’ll never leave the
Sea but I’m above water and
Floating never felt so good.

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