Hope, prose-poetry written by Neera Singhi Choraria at Spillwords.com



written by: Neera Singhi Choraria


She looked Beautiful. Her eyes twinkled in search of something unknown. Her soul was restless. Life for her had come to a standstill.
Coveted Nd rare.

Balmy nights, starry skies, white waves touching the shore.

Her unsatiated soul craved her other half. He was far apart.

Her eyes searched for him near and far. Her lips were waiting for his, to be locked with.
Her frame desired his touch every inch.

She had this lingering temptation, to be felt by him, her fragrance, her senses, to be explored by him.

To her he was like a gentle caressing breeze, reminding her of every summer she had ever known.

She was like a trapped butterfly with a heart craving for his love, waiting to be held in his safe hands.

He was the light in her dark nights, refusing to let go. Probably the fatal reality disguised in hope!!

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