This Love, poetry written by Anoucheka Gangabissoon at

This Love

This Love

written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon


If I bloom not in this love of ours,
May it be that I die from it,
Paining and suffering
As one lost in a desert would
Scarred by the sun during the day
And all icy by night!

I seek you
As leaves seek the freshness of dew
Early at dawn
I seek you
As the poetess who needs your essence
Merely to keep on living!

I seek you,
As would humans seek their God
In moments of deep agony
Or discomfort!

Pray, I remain yours to break into pieces
I remain yours to torture
Yours, to paint, on the canvas of your bed
As you would have me bleed
Of that purity which I have kept for you
As it was willed by the skies themselves!

I remain in love
Even if I am shredded into pieces
I remain in love
Pining, patient in my pain
For your healing over me!

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