Being a Controversy, a poem by Anoucheka Gangabissoon at
Bulbul Ahmed

Being a Controversy

Being a Controversy

written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon


Being of a controversial nature
I drown in the face of defeat
Yet, having a faith bent stature
I find defeat so very obsolete

Without meaning to be proud
I do laugh out loud
Yet, I do keep hiding behind my shroud
For I wish not to have the world seeing me cry out loud!

Made of a total controversy
Life shows my face as flowery
Yet, pulsating is my injury
Pulsating with the might of a fury

Obstacles, which I have deemed as being alms from the Lord
Obstacles, promising a most heartwarming reward
Obstacles, which have become my very own dues
Yes, my very own and sorrowful dues!

So, pray, see the face I display
Care not for its shadowy array
Love it and to it, do say,
Life is nothing but a game meant to be played!

Why, even in the form of a controversy
Faced with defeat or victory, I do keep myself in serenity
The load does get heavy
But then, it just gets displayed in creativity!

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