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written by: L.M. Giannone



inside the hearth
flickering colours
flames of orange and red
what began as a spark
now blazing like a burning inferno
the space between decreasing
emanating heat
highly charged with electricity
ready to ignite and spread
like uncontrollable wildfire
a blaze which can’t be extinguished
we’re like moths drawn to a flame
our hearts beat to its music
incessant ache,
unyielding quake,
burning deep,
as I kiss the fiery bourbon from your warm, sweet lips
moving back and forth,
merging as one
mingling fluids,
on the verge of spontaneous combustion
melting like Dali clocks
sounds of the blaze echoing our passion
flesh burning in pleasurable agony,
Emitting a soft orange glow



L. M. Giannone is a writer and poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Southern Connecticut, Lisa transplanted herself in California to escape the harsh winters and summers of New England.
She is the author of No Vacancy, a collection of humorous personal essays, and A Touch of Noir, a collection of short stories written in noir style. She has two books in the works for 2017 publication.

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