Four Springtime Achoo-Haiku by Lisa H. Owens at

Four Springtime Achoo-Haiku

Four Springtime Achoo-Haiku

written by: Lisa H. Owens



The Joke’s on you, Toad!

Why, hello there, Toad!
You gave me a helluva
scare buried in bark.

Your head peeking out
just enough to be a snake
hidden under there.

Under where, you ask?
I made you say underwear!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, Toad.


Don’t Look so Smug, Plants!

Two tomato plants
Still alive—so far so good!
I give ’em a month.


You Win, Dumb Tomatoes!

What did I do wrong?
You are smaller now than when
I first purchased you.

Ye curst tomatoes!
I’ve watered you and read books
on what not to do.

Shifted you around;
too much sun or too much shade?
It didn’t matter.

This is the last year
I will be insulted by
a hotheaded fruit!


Nubbins, They are Gone.

Little one-leg bird,
I know you are still grieving
but your mate is gone.

She has flown the coop,
perhaps, she’s joined the circus
or found another.

It’s her loss, my friend.
You were a most loyal mate
a one-legged champ.

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