When Flower Blooms, poetry by Abdul Awal Arikewusola at Spillwords.com

When Flower Blooms

When Flower Blooms

written by: Abdul Awal Arikewusola


Here I wait
wetting this flower with tears
on arid land. When I was young
I learned that fire can only melt iron
Angel that grazes the gust doth hold
a rod of a tempest.

When the night comes
& white rats that gnaw at my age
ascend to sculpture the moon with
their teeth, the flower will crack the
land & stretch out its emblazoned
neck & flirt with the night breeze;
breeze’s hands caress its lush buds.

Here I lie
watching the rats dragging the moon
into the sky’s pocket & lulling the
night to sleep.

Here I lie
wondering if the morning will catch
me before the land swallows me
before I become a wisp of smoke
before the land vomits the long lost
when the flower blooms.

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