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Knock, Knock, Knock…

Knock, Knock, Knock…

written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



Knock, knock, knock, strangers are knocking on the door
Knock, knock, knock, they are also knocking on the windows.

Lord, who are they! Damn, what do they want from me?!
Sleepless is this night to me, so worrisome!

Knock, knock, knock, they are noisy, screeching, screaming
Are they ghosts or demons, or some zombies?

My Lord, strange light appears in the keyhole
I cannot stand it, getting out of myself, having goosebumps.

Knock, knock, knock, alarmed neighbors calling me now
Hey, there are zombies, monsters at your door!

Lord, what must I do? I am just an ordinary, honest man!
There is no reason at all to punish me, nor send me to hell!

Knock, knock, knock, we are the avengers of Halloween!
Be scared, Jack the Ripper and the joker are among us!

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