Monsters Unincorporated, a poem by Julian Matthews at
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Monsters Unincorporated

Monsters Unincorporated

written by: Julian Matthews



I am the Loch Ness monster
without a loch or a key
to latch on to

I am Big Foot without footprints
in my mouth–
yeti exist

I am a werewolf in mid-shapeshift
howling offkey, throwing shade
in moon shadow

I am the unicorn in your garden
that ate all your tulips and roses and lilies
then led you to the end of a rainbow
without pot

I am a dragon with extinguished
fire breath and swishy tail
that turned into a bunny
without a hat to vanish into

I am a centaur
A half and half, not the full quid
horsing around with two-cent opinions
not a dullard to my name

Some days, I imagine I am a mythical beast
worthy of your searching
Hidden in a treasure-laden cavern of your dreams
A pegasus traipsing across your night sky

Most days, I am a fairytale with a twisted ending
A blue genie who has run out of wishes
A troll drowning under your bridge
A faun who has lost their way

Just another Cheshire cat fading in your tree
until only my sheepish grin remains
Your laughter a choir of one
in this echo chamber of my heart

And all the monsters inside my head
have all gone to bed, awaiting the wake-up call
from your charming, spell-binding

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