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Would It Matter?

Would It Matter?

written by: Jenny Morelli



When I was young,
I was obsessed with fantastical stories
like the Wizard of Oz, not because of the female heroine
but because
of how drawn I was
to the wicked witch. I had to know
what burrowed and boiled
beneath the surface
of her rage, became obsessed
with the sadness under her madness.
What if…

I dug up
that heinous hag,
urgently shoveled her out from under
that collapsed house, her ruby slippers twitching scarlet
in the morning amid other flowers,
and offered her tea
while those around us sang
their maniacal dead-witch diddy
and danced about, one following another?
What if…

instead of casting that vile spell
to make them stop, she burst into tears,
the tears of the small bullied
child she once was?
What if…

I reached across our steaming teacups and gave her a
long-overdue hug, then finished it with something fun
like tapping her shoulders with a lollipop
wand to curse her with kindness?
What if that changed
What if it changed
Would it

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