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Witches in The Night

Witches in The Night

written by: Brittany Benko


In the heart of the forest, under the moon
There’s a coven of witches, dancing through the night
With their broomsticks and cauldrons, they gather ’round the fire
Weaving spells and magic, their power rising higher

Witches of the night, with their magical sight
They cast their spells, under pale moonlight
With potions and incantations, weaving their ancient song
In the world of the unseen, where they truly belong

In their pointed hats and dark robes,
They call upon the elements, reaching for the sky
With a wink and a whisper, they create their secret brews
Healing hearts and spirits, chasing away the blues

Witches in the night, a magical family of three
They work their magic unseen
Accompanied by their cat
Boiling frog legs and the wings of bats

They’ve seen the deepest shadows
They’ve felt the brightest sun
Through the cycle of the seasons,
They mend what’s torn apart
Bringing love and wisdom to every willing heart

So, here’s to the witches, with wisdom so old
In a world that lost its magic, they keep the stories told
With their spells, potions, and hearts open wide
They remind us of the wonder in every twist and ride

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