My Transformation, poetry by Eric Shelman at

My Transformation

My Transformation

written by: Eric Shelman


Continuously failed
fallen, chosen wretchedness
over happiness

Being mentally
damaged, hurt by others, and
wrongfully reacting

Realizing that l am
the culprit, and ringleader
for most, my problems

Finally wanting
and choosing self-love instead
of self-hatred, grasps

Feeling exhausted
drowning, hiding, hurting in
temporal delights

Beyond tired I am
always running away from
my problems, and self

Never addressing
or assessing, solving, them
nor responsible

Today is the day
starting my transformation
day, changing for me

No longer needing
or wanting approval of
others, living life

Learning, living in
moments enduring, madness
gladness, and sadness

Thinking and taking
good, bad times as adventures
controlling feelings

Calming my anger
enragement, pyschosis
freeing their grasping

Worrying not about
anything l can not control
working what I can

Being real to
myself, and stop pretending
comfortably not

Doing and being
better for me and towards
others, around me

Changes are harder
achieved than said, however
I will obtain them.

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