Rebellion of The Self, poetry by Mike at
DCG Studio

Rebellion of The Self

Rebellion of The Self

written by: Michael Ridinger



In the realm of the self, I find my freedom,
Not in your gaze, nor in your chains,
For what is freedom if not born from within,
A phoenix rising from the ashes of constraint.

I am the architect of my own rebellion,
A solitary figure against the tide of conformity,
In the dance of paradox, authenticity twirls,
Against the chorus, let individuality be free.

In the labyrinth of life, I carve my own path,
A trailblazer in the wilderness of the mundane,
Against the current, where the misfits belong,
For every rebel spirit, a new song is sung.

My freedom is not your gift, it is my birthright,
Not a permission slip, but a declaration of war,
Against the tyranny of the ordinary, the oppression of the norm,
In the battlefield of self-discovery, I am the victor.

So, let the heart sing in its unique key,
In the symphony of authenticity, a dance from the divine,

My freedom comes from me, not you,
Or else it isn’t freedom at all, it’s permission.

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