With You in Isekai, poetry by Arijit Saha at Spillwords.com

With You in Isekai

With You in Isekai

written by: Arijit Saha


An apocalyptic dream you say
One you and I would walk always

The silence creeps and the darkness nears
So I hold you close to stop your tears

It’s 7 am and I’m wide awake
You beside and my arm your bed

The light peeps through the tent we built
The river’s near with patches of silt

Your face is all that keeps me calm
So I caress it with my bandaged arm

Last night we were lucky enough
The dogs went wild but I fought them off

One had my arm and one had my leg
Oh boy it hurt so I chugged a peg

Suddenly I hear a scream
With a sudden snap
I’m out of my dream

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