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Cardboard City Guy

Cardboard City Guy

written by: Donna Africa



To a new beginning “Genesis”


Cardboard City Guy,
Once a pillar of the community,
Worth his weight in salt
Revered by his fellow man
But what was meant to be would be
To create a crucial survival
And to make that Stand!!

Cardboard City Guy
Gleefully danced to the tune
That enchantingly played out
Led on by the Prophet
Manifested as the “Pied Piper”
For him to bear witness to a prophecy
Soon to be seen realized & materialized!

The Pillars came tumbling & crumbling down
All around Cardboard City Guy
The Establishment firmly crushed
And lay scattered in ruins
Buried deeply beneath his feet

Cardboard City Guy
Realized he was a free man
And that his mission was
To rebuild the ancient ruins of yesteryear
And to raise up the age-old foundation

Cardboard City Guy no-more
But held in high esteem
From all walks of society
Renamed “Repairer of Broken Walls”
And restorer of streets and dwellings!
To a new beginning “Genesis”


With Luv, Light, and Liberty!
Donna Africa
Zulu Warrior Poet

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