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I Am, a poem written by Donna Africa at

I Am

I Am written by: Donna Africa @DonnaAfrica   I am your dream now realised I am your passion now materialised I am your last thought at night and you...
Death, a poem written by Donna Africa at


Death written by: Donna Africa @DonnaAfrica   The final curtain call destined finality an end of life that awaits us all! Departure off this plane ...
Donna Africa

Donna Africa

I call myself Donna Africa "The Queen of Dreams" as I relocated from my homelands and motherland Africa to the UK in 2004 to realise and conquer my dreams of yesteryear today! I was inspired to write poetry by Rodriguez (Cold Fact Fame) Keats (when I sat under the Plum Tree) and Shaka Zulu famous King & warrior and renown for uniting all the tribes as ONE! I hope my poems inspire and connect as one as this is my dream, vision and life journey! With Luv, Light and Liberty!