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I Thank You, My Friends

I Thank you, my friends

written by: Donna Africa



Some days, especially Mondays
I wake up and think of
all that I am not
and what I still haven’t got
and think maybe I am not
all I ever wanted to be
and this so frustrates me!

So I take a moment to reflect
and remember that
you are my true friend
that I should never forget

Who lifts me up
to incredible heights
enabling me to see
more than my own needs
and to forget all about me

You show me that we
are all connected as one
You and me
not at all alone
I now understand and see

That we are all beautiful
unique beings
swimming frantically
You and me
in this turbulent deep blue sea
fighting relentlessly
to discover and harness
our own individuality
and energy

I thank you my dear friend
ever so sincerely
for being there for me
and making me realize
in order to be free
and to be me
just to be oneself

I thank you
my true friend


Written by Donna Africa
© Donna Africa



Dedicated to all my Friends. I would certainly be nothing without you!

Donna Africa

Donna Africa

NOVEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
I call myself Donna Africa "The Queen of Dreams" as I relocated from my homelands and motherland Africa to the UK in 2004 to realise and conquer my dreams of yesteryear today!
I was inspired to write poetry by Rodriguez (Cold Fact Fame) Keats (when I sat under the Plum Tree) and Shaka Zulu famous King & warrior and renown for uniting all the tribes as ONE!
I hope my poems inspire and connect as one as this is my dream, vision and life journey!
With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa

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