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Another Day!

Another Day!

written by: Donna Africa



Another day……..

Will I or you survive or die today?
What do the Gods predict or say?
Everyday another number
tragically passes away!

We count our blessings
And say our prayers
Our freedom and liberty taken away!
When will we be free to have a normal day?
To have the freedom to have our say?

I await that anticipated day
That you and I
Can have our say
Not to be controlled
Manipulated and possibly
led astray
That is the day
That I pray!

In the meantime
It’s just another day!

God Bless

Donna Africa

Donna Africa

I call myself Donna Africa "The Queen of Dreams" as I relocated from my homelands and motherland Africa to the UK in 2004 to realise and conquer my dreams of yesteryear today!
I was inspired to write poetry by Rodriguez (Cold Fact Fame) Keats (when I sat under the Plum Tree) and Shaka Zulu famous King & warrior and renown for uniting all the tribes as ONE!
I hope my poems inspire and connect as one as this is my dream, vision and life journey!
With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa

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