Coronavirus The Invisible Beast, poetry by Donna Africa at
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Coronavirus The Invisible Beast

Coronavirus The Invisible Beast

written by: Donna Africa



The time has come to unite
To collectively fight the good fight
As coronavirus does not discriminate
Whether rich or poor
Black or white
This invisible killer will not hesitate
To kill and eradicate us all!

Let’s pray to the Almighty
before it infects us all!
A Ghost town
All around us closing down
A-tishoo A-tishoo we all fall down!

Panic buying on the streets
No care or thought for those vulnerable, left with nothing to eat!

Self isolation the key
To try and curb this
Ferocious beast!
Its Appetite not sated
Leaves us devastated
And afraid of this pandemic
As new laws about to be legislated!

Boris Jonson says stay at home
NHS doctors and nurses severely stressed
Battling to save lives
Thank you NHS
As we are heavenly blessed!

Our normal lives gone awry
Death toll sky high
The great equaliser of all
The invisible killer
Let’s not let it destroy us all!

Adhere to what our leader
Boris Johnson instructs
How we should conduct
our daily behaviour
Boris Johnson is our saviour!

Our liberty temporarily on hold
As we unite in order to kill
and destroy our enemy
Covid-19 which has no soul!

As we shall overcome
and totally defeat
In all our great efforts to beat
And to make Covid-19 obsolete!

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