Caught In Time, poetry written by Sharona Reeves at

Caught In Time

Caught In Time

written by: Sharona Reeves


Paid our dues
Flipped the script
Beat the blues

You are my muse
Our love the canvas
Brilliance in the making

Our path has crossed
Our time is now
The clock has stopped
A history forsaken
Hand in hand
Man the stage

Bliss in the limelight
The curtain has shut with our darkness behind it

You the mechanic
I the chemist
A natural reaction to a beautiful disaster

All bets are off
Ante up
Our hearts on the table
Our life is now stable

Stronger and stronger
Day by day
Another pen stroke
Another told joke

Sharing is caring
Oh so true
My smile I happily share with you

You took my heart
I’ll take your hand
On our journey
Until the end

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