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Take My Hand

Take My Hand

written by: Donna Africa



Take my hand my forsaken
people of Zimbabwe
and let me guide you
to your promised land
that will finally give you
the hope and peace
of liberty and true democracy
that was so rightly meant to be

Where you will finally be set free
in your promised land of
freedom & pure democracy
away from the cruel injustices
that severely bind & tie you
under the current oppressive
dictatorship and tyranny
which unfairly govern, rule and hinder

Take my hand my abandoned
people of Zimbabwe
as in this promised land
you will no longer know
of suffering, pain or hunger
where you will prosper,
grow, harvest & reap
harmoniously and joyously
no longer the need to weep
for human rights and justice
to be observed and served

Take my hand my discarded
people of Zimbabwe
as in this promised land
you will not know of fear
homelessness, unemployment
starvation, poverty, AIDS, or disease
or hear the desperate cries
from motherless children
as they have nothing to eat
or the despair to find safe haven & flee
your homeland of promised liberty

Take my hand my beautiful
people of Zimbabwe
as I have not forgotten
or forsaken you
as you are always in my heart
and I feel your pain, hunger
and desperate needs
and I say to the “powers that be”
why do you stand idly by and
watch the people of Zimbabwe suffer so
why don’t you set them free?

I implore “the powers that be”
to be righteous, true & just
by giving and setting
the forsaken
people of Zimbabwe
back on track
onto their destined road to
true freedom and liberty
So let it be
as this was meant to be
Bless you my Courageous People of Zimbabwe!

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