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Ode To My Sweet Songbird

Ode To My Sweet Songbird

written by: Donna Africa



My sweet Songbird
has taken flight
and flown away
leaving me this day
without you!

All I have left
is a fleeting moment
that we once shared in time
a magical induced night
feeling as one
before you took flight!

Leaving me wishing
and wanting you more
needing you to stay
beside me, forever more
never tiring of your sweet song
together where we belong!

A hunger so raw and deep
embedded inside of me
that every time we meet
you impact my heart so
that I can hardly speak
and I have to catch my breath
and plead with you not to go!

But go you must
as you belong to another
but you will always be
My Sweet Songbird
and there could be no other
I await for your return
and a new song to be heard!

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