Christmas Countdown, poem by Star Blossem Goddess at

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

written by: Star Blossem Goddess


My heart is revved up,
with energies of the season.

Sight of Christmas Trees lit
expands eyes.
Pastry smells, and fireplaces a glow
expand in lungs.

My breath I take,
as Christmas festivities fill calendar.
As voice begins to echo
familiar tunes from radio airways.

Heart is revved up each day,
with excitement for the holiday.

Sight of houses decorated
makes child within present.
Makes gratitude become gestures of
Christmas card writing.

My breath I take,
while project decorate commences
as Christmas Tree is unwrapped.
As gift list is written to
move aimed at great sales.

And the countdown continues,
as mind and body
starts celebrating Christ’s birth.
Celebrating with spiked egg nog,
and some grand dreams.

Star Blossem Goddess

Star Blossem Goddess

I am retired and have plenty of time to write. In retiring I found a true passion to write. I am an intuitive that channels the written word from the heart. I have great writer guides that expand within so I may write a piece of work. With these new energies it is the perfect stomping ground for me to write and I am very grateful for my gifts.
Star Blossem Goddess

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