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12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

written by: Star Blossem Goddess


With visions infused in childhood I
remember 12 days in December.
I Recall song engraved in mind
as I ready self to hear
the Christmas tune.

I see 1 pear tree with a bird in colorful feather attire
to align me with love
I gaze at 2 doves flying in unison
quenching eyes to feel empowered.
I hold 3 french hens to celebrate nature’s greatness
to move with trust.
I hear 4 calling birds that sing in songs grand
that expand heart with compassion.
I hold 5 golden rings that harbor energies
of dreams that will manifest into my reality.
I watch 6 geese lay golden eggs of prosperity
that will come in the new year.
I see 7 swans a swimming gracefully
reminding of The Divine and my own elegance.
I wave to 8 maids a milking who will share
their eggnog concoction on cold night.
I observe 9 ladies gracefully dancing,
with rhythms grand to commemorate season.
I celebrate 10 lords a leaping who remind me
to carry my faith every moment.
I listen intently to 11 pipers pipping
who echo with music to praise the season of giving.
I hear 12 drummers drumming to welcome in Christmas
so I celebrate life as I sing out Merry Christmas.

And with 364 gifts infused in this poem
I move with gratitude for all I have
and all you as readers are.

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