Turtles Au Revoir!, poetry written by Nishand Venugopal at Spillwords.com

Turtles Au Revoir!

Turtles Au Revoir!

written by: Nishand Venugopal



We grew up inside the earth’s womb,
Change in climate is turning few eggs into a tomb,
Dug out in greed to feed by ferals, birds, and Mankind,
There are a few of us who are left behind,
And as we emerge out of the sand,
A lot of obstructions await us on the land,
We came out in the night,
Designed for a marine life guided by nature’s sound and celestial light,
But now we are getting confused due to electric glow from the civilization nearby,
That robbed away our valuable time to reach the ocean close by,
And then when the Sun shows up; we realise our mistake,
Rush to reach back to safety; lead to heavy toll that we take,
Trying to avoid getting stuck in those nets,
Hungry looming predators create frets,
Race to survive begins from day one for us,
And there is no time for peers or to make a fuss,
Once we reach the sea, it’s a different story,
Many die as by-catch as there is nowhere to flee,
Sapiens’ convenience has poisoned the ocean,
Plastic menace has turned into a main cause of pollution,
With the misconception that everything vanishes with the tides,
People dump things and live in oblivion inside their hides,
These materials make some of us fall sick & suffocated,
Need an attempt to curb this trouble from all those who are dedicated,
The land we grew up on we’re losing due to the tussle between people & nature,
We yearn for a group effort from all to secure each other’s future…

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