Memories of The Diner, poetry by Ken Allan Dronsfield at

Memories of the Diner

Memories of The Diner

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



A Merry Christmas sign hung flashing;

frosted snowflakes were on the windows.

Two fresh plain donuts sat on my saucer;

smells of bacon and smoke wafted in the air.

Old men coughed at the crowded counter;

the waitress stopped and refilled my coffee.

Flies buzzed to and fro all about the place;

I played at judo trying to chase them away;

some landed on the scads of table crumbs.

An elf on the shelf gawked in my direction;

opening the door, a new customer arrived

fresh air rushed in begging for an inhale.

After finishing my coffee and donut I lit up;

deeply inhaling from my old favorite pipe.

Good memories at Christmas in the diner.

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