The Referendum, a poem by NilavroNIll Shoovro at
Arnaud Jaegers

The Referendum

The Referendum

written by: NilavroNIll Shoovro


With the eyes closed
I can hear the celebration
Those souls, still alive
Under everyday
Bombardment, with
Tears in their eyes,
Nurturing hopes, wishing
To unite with the motherland…

Memories of the dead souls
In and around the hearts
Dressing the wounds of the
Crippled, still under traumas
Facing the artillery of the west,
…Worth billions of dollars
They were determined
To hit back with their votes

With the burning ashes
Of the wounded leaves…
With the wreckage of the
Apartments, blown up…
With the patches of
Red blood cells. Splintered…
With the love for the motherland
They’ll keep on fighting,…

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