Ode To a Dead Elm, a poem by Tom Mach at Spillwords.com

Ode To a Dead Elm

Ode To a Dead Elm

written by: Tom Mach



Dead tree, blanched white
Awaits the coolness of the night.

Its naked arms scratch the sky
Embarrassed so, it seems to cry.

Leaves of neighbor trees munificent
Honored this elm, then magnificent.

Once it belonged to an estate of the realm
Home to cardinals, this splendid tall elm.

Plagued by disease and drought as well
Ere a symbol of life; now a mere shell.

Yet the initials carved so large on its trunk
Were heroes who showed their lifesaving spunk.

Thus this dead tree, revered by men,
Is left to survive in this forested glen.



I was inspired to write something about a naked tree I saw alongside several live trees along the riverbank. I always wondered why, after all these years, had not been cut down.

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