Life of A Secret Agent, poetry by David Dem at
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Life of A Secret Agent

Life of A Secret Agent

written by: David Dem



“Here I am.”
“What then? Where to?”
It’s how we’re wired: errand beings
Only that we don’t all know
The purpose of our living.

We strive to shine
Brighter than the stars
But we all can’t shine
However hard we strive

Some to shine
Others to ignite, keep the fire
It’s sorry wit
But nature’s secret.

You just may be
An agent, nature’s secret
But you seek a spotlight
Compounding your plight.

Basic wisdom here
Sun, moon and star
All nature’s element
None greater than other
Though one seems more lit
They’re all one purpose fit.

Never mind what role you’ve got
Only take that one shot
Be there one for another
As they go up the ladder.

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