RIP, a poem by Gina Carrillo at
Marián Sicko



written by: Gina Carrillo


R.I.P. to the old me
The one quiet and reserved
When you were always
waiting to be served
Pacifying your energies
Trying to tip toe on eggshells
Definitely under an evil spell

Crying myself to sleep
Lonely and lost girl
In a judge-mental world
Wearing perfect ladylike fabrics
Dull colors with no creativity
Dying every day
Trying to do it your way

I trust the death of my former self
I’ve made the changes
I’ve gotten the help
Stronger now than I’ve ever been
No longer being controlled
Sucked into your black hole of sin

I’ve fallen in love with me
Happily Swimming
Embracing my authenticity

Live your life the way you want
stay the fuck out of mine
I’ll do what my heart desires
Passion burning
My dreams are growing fires
Tearing down the past
Making new beautiful memories
that will last

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