The Role of A Creative Soul, by Aishwariya Laxmi at

The Role Of A Creative Soul

The Role of A Creative Soul

written by: Aishwariya Laxmi



Having a creative soul
Is a double-edged sword
While it may bestow on its owner
Proficiency with words,
Only the individual knows what it’s like
To feel so strongly and hurt inside.

But the story I tell
Has to be about things turning out well
Else you may close your eyes and ears
To shut out the vehemence
Calling it rebellion
Because victims are not appealing
Who wants to hear about a glass ceiling?
Or #mansplaining
No one cares about your feelings!

When blood spatters
On the inside of your TV screen
You close your eyes and scream
But there are millions of human beings
Slaughtered every day
And what about animals?
Where do I begin?
What is the definition of an animal anyway?
A little lamb gamboling on your garden?
Or a terrorist dropping bombs on innocent civilians?

Once you make up your mind
That there’s a sickness that’s rife
The question will arise
What can you do to create change?
It’s more than a hashtag on Twitter
Think for a while.
Talk to people. Ideate. Collaborate.

Writers will write.
Hoping their words motivate
Activists will be up in arms
For a cause with which
Their heart resonates
Every label has a role
Every role has a label
Will you be a label with a role
Or a role with a label

Either way, create change!

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