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Leap of Faith

written by: Kiana Arevalo


I stand at the edge of a precipice.
Cold, hard stone supports my bare feet
sending chills through my bones,
making me shiver.
Or am I shaking from the fear?
You see, all you can find over the edge is darkness.
Dense shadows that conceal what’s beyond.
How far is the fall?
How hard is the ground?
Logic tells me I will be broken,
beaten bloody.
I will shatter.
Possibly unable to heal
my limbs may not work the same.
I will be scarred,
fearing to fall again
and yet behind me
there is nothing
but an endless plain
I already know.
Do I risk the unknown
or stay with the familiar?
Play it safe
or play with danger?
I have never been one
afraid to dance with fire.
So I jump.

Kiana Arevalo

Kiana Arevalo

A sophomore at Quinnipiac University majoring in English. Not sure what it is that she wants to do with her life, but knows that she is drawn to words and the power that they possess.
Kiana Arevalo

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