Dreamcatcher, prose poetry by Akanksha Singh at Spillwords.com
Joshua Hawson Harris



written by: Akanksha Singh



A strong wind generated from the fluttering of her dainty wings carried the most beautiful earthy scent of hope. The wind traveled far, crossing the mountains and the high seas, only to reach him, and as it touched his tear-stained cheeks, the fragrance spread over his existence like a warm blanket and his emptiness retreated to the dark clouds leaving him with nothing but joy. After years, the sound of his musical laughter resonated in the valley of lost souls guiding them to the lighthouse. The hum of his laugh reached her ears and touched her wings, gently nudging a lullaby from within her depths. Her mellifluous rendition wrapped the dreams of the innocent lamps and pulled them all into a reality where they were always loved.

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