Fear of The Soul, poetry written by Rayna More at Spillwords.com
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Fear of The Soul

Fear of The Soul

written by: Rayna More


Sometimes I see
you staring.

Making me wonder
the possibilities
of the depths
of the thoughts that might be lurking.

Sometimes I see
you glancing.

Causing my chest
to heave faster,
face to blush
like a ripening strawberry
at the wrath of the sun.

Sometimes I notice
you looking at me,
as if into my soul.

The endless possibilities
of what lightning
might be flashing
behind those intelligent
blue eyes

Sometimes I catch
your gaze,
our eyes locking.

The locking of our vision
the opening
of a new door.

He sees me,
He knows.
Oh what if he knows
the darkness behind my eyes
and the disturbing pain
within my bones.

What if he goes,
what if he goes.

I’m in so deep
this hole
my all.

I’m in a place
of flowers so bright,
of amazing
of threatening

My soul light
but I could break,
within a second.

Sometimes I see
you staring.

But despite all,
oh, all in all,
it’s the only thing
that keeps
me going.

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