Goodbye Child, prose by Ntuthuko Brian Ncobeni at
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Goobye Child

Goodbye Child

written by: Ntuthuko Brian Ncobeni


Since my arrival, I’ve silently been here and there preparing my departure. The most difficult part of my stay was in the final stages, you so happy, blood in my eyes I was going blind, cold feet, cold hands, internal silence was at my door waiting, and all that sat heavily at heart was how you would accept all of this.

Goodbye, I promise to see you soon, another lie, but as you smiled I knew that this would carry me a great distance, and as other memories of you, memories of us fade-away with time, our final goodbye is the hope I cling onto letting it light up the darkness until we meet again.

In our time spent together, your happiness has been of monumental importance. I remember taking the bus for nine hours just to catch a sight of you on your first day at school. There is still so much I wish to stay for, like your first day at work, your first paycheck, your first home, grandchildren and much more that I cannot list because none can be missed.

Precious seed please do not dwell on my absence, yes do not forget about me but find peace. Remain alive, be happy, live a full life otherwise, all of my blood, sweat, and tears on the surface of this earth would have been for nothing.

I remember on some sad days when life seemed too hard, when I struggled to awake in the morning and when depression caused sleepless nights – knowing that you loved me always saved the day. You may never hear my sounding voice ever again but each and every time you read this know that I shall forever love you.

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