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written by: Susan L De Miller


My finger hovers over the keyboard. The cursor blinks.
“I have a match.” I whisper.
“Are you going to open it?” you ask, your breath hot against my neck.
“What if she can’t forgive me?”
You lay your hand on my shoulder.
“The bigger question is, can you forgive yourself?”

Susan L De Miller

Susan L De Miller

Susan L De Miller was born in Chicago Illinois and now lives in a small town in Eastern South Dakota. She is an accomplished weaver, certified yoga teacher, and avid reader. During the winter she knits for charity. Together she and her husband travel to far flung places where they watch birds, hike and drink craft beer. The proud mother of two young men and a grandmother. Susan believes she’s lucky to have family and friends who love her, and a dog to keep her company when it storms. She writes short stories, micro fiction and poetry. She is also currently at work on her first novel.
Susan L De Miller

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  • Match - November 14, 2019
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