A Lone Shadow, a poem by Naseha Sameen at Spillwords.com
Paulette Wooten

A Lone Shadow

A Lone Shadow

written by: Naseha Sameen



The evening drags on
Timid glow of naked dangling bulb
Blizzards Creeping on dull walls
Half a century has passed

A moth, a wing broken
Weight down with life long discarded
Dreams curdling into sour bitter regrets
Dragging the regrets in an iron cast

Glass tumbler decanted of dreams, yellowing
Residue of what once was sparkling liquid
A lone shadow moving like dream in abyss
Trapped in the poison passion of what could be

Been angry for so long, does not remember
Everything, he feels has betrayed him
A boy’s trauma never let a man grow
Engulfed all who cared, swallowed him all

Crying for the time lost, a lot less remains
Unaware of them slipped quietly
Souring into fragments of unknown pain
Time stands there smiling with tears in eyes

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