Never Give Up, poetry written by Bob Laurie at
Kid Circus

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

written by: Bob Laurie



Never give up, don’t ever give up
It’s the secret to success and has no part in luck

The road that we start will always have an end
Your goals and your dreams are around the next bend

The love in your heart will help you to proceed
Patience and faith are also what you’ll need

So, when you want to quit just give a little smile
And know that success is only one more mile

Never give up make sure you see it through
If only you would try, you’ll know it to be true

Never look back on failures of the past
Never look ahead and wonder if you can last

Instead, hurdle today the obstacles that you see
And never, never ever say I’m doing this just for me



Make your dreams non-negotiable by never giving up.

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