Dog at The Door, poetry by Bob Laurie at
Sébastien Goldberg

Dog at The Door

Dog at The Door

written by: Bob Laurie



The day persisted in pulling me down,
There was no compassion; I thought I would drown.

The clock I watched before heading home,
Was slow and deliberate with each minute shown.

Traffic enveloped to a vast sea of red,
Penetrating and pulsating from my eyes to my head.

Dragging myself from the car was a chore,
Yet everything changed when I got to the door.

The jangle of keys started a commotion inside,
The first smile of the day I just couldn’t hide.

She jumped, and she wagged with love in her heart,
My plight of the day would soon fall apart.

If you’re sad all day and laden with trouble,
Have a dog at the door and burst that wicked bubble.

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