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Lone in Death

Lone in Death

written by: Naseha Sameen



The time is near.
The heavens want me
Faces are getting clearer sharper
Forgotten ones, blurred from past

I want to bid goodbye
I try to tell them, then
On a fragrant path I get a drift
Forget to tell any day could be my last

I am home, still I want a home
A strong urge to rest, sleep
My attachment is disappearing
Like the receding waves bursting foam

They are unaware, planning for next year
building a house for me
Under the trees, among the praying birds
Soon the earth would be my home

My love is here, but my heart is there now
I want to give in to this strange draw
It’s time I tell them, I start and then
All I say is a dream. They did not get it

I want to stay and I want to go
I tell them, but it makes no sense
Words drift on angels breath
The veil of unknown is yet to lift

My friends, long gone, say it is okay
Pain of leaving them behind
Unknown, unwarned, perplexed
Is disappearing. I can only see me

I have always thought of them
Now I am drifting. The more I think
Of them, the more I see and feel me
Unlocking, discovering with death as key

The parting is momentary my friends say
The time is still. I will meet them soon
Their voices, faces getting sharper
Getting blurry are faces of those dear

I could only give them my blessing, smiles
The pain is all gone, staring at bliss, at them
Can’t tell them. I have to go, heavens want me
The moments are counted, my time is here.

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