He Is My Moon, flash fiction by Mrs. Colleen M. Tice at Spillwords.com

He Is My Moon

He Is My Moon

written by: Colleen M. Tice



“Come sit beside me,” tapping the seat beside him. I just look at him cautiously, not sure of his intentions. Isn’t he afraid? Has he not seen the storms rage? The thundering boom and lightning strike in my blue eyes? Can’t he see the rages flow across my face? My emotions flow as the ocean waves flow with the moon. One little push and I break; as the waves rush to the shore from the caress of the moon.
He whispers, “Come sit beside me, let me hold you.” I sit beside him, collapsing inside his strong arms. Feeling weak yet strong because of his love and compassion. Because of his everlasting love, I can pick up the pieces and mend my shattered puzzle. He watches as the storm settles in my soul, and the clouds disappear. He kisses the tears away and kisses my lips tenderly.
I break inside the love and safety of his arms….


Dedicated to my amazing Husband, Charles Tice for always being my moon, my lighthouse in the darkest of storms. I love you always.

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