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A Love Letter to Coffee

A Love Letter to Coffee

written by: Patricia Furstenberg



My beloved,

It’s been only a few heartbeats since I’ve left you, and I already miss you! Your vigour is the rhythm of my heart.
I will not shy away from this whirlwind that captured my heart. You are my first thought, my one genuine, tangible joy in the early hours of the morning. No matter how restless my nights were or how many daily tasks would hunt me down, our moments shared at dawn, holding you, surrounding myself with your heavenly scent and your full body. Oh, nothing can cast a shade on that simple pleasure of being together.
My fingers tingle with the anticipation of our morning encounters as soon as I open my eyes. No, since I fall asleep. Thinking of you.
How sweet and understanding you are of me leaving you behind each morning. You do know that there is no one else for me, but you. Of all the others I meet throughout a day, and I merely glance at them, I always return to you. Only you.
You are unique. Strong, yet soft like velvet, hot and passionate, yet soothing on my tongue. Your flamboyant personality has me under a spell. I can never get bored of you. Ah, your perks, my bitter-sweet blackberry, my nutty candy, my honey spice!
Still, the others, you steam?
Don’t bend your earthly ear to bitter gossip. There is only one for me, and that one is you. The others, as you perceive them, are but mere acquaintances. Too acrid, too weak, too nippy, frothing too much. They’re not even a fling, but a brush with the savage, ordinary life.
None could ever stand a chance near you, let alone compare itself with you, my beloved. And always, so much less than you will ever be. They do not have your charm, the strength of your core, your unmistakable perfume. They never make me feel the way you do, giving me strength and joy in the morning when I hold you. Adding a pink cloud to my day. Brightening my eyes. Lifting the cobwebs of the night. Piecing me together again. They are not you. They could never take your place. You are The One.
Oh, the way you can change your looks, it never ceases to surprise me! And the heavenly scent of your voluptuous body, always surprising, yet always the same; homely, unmistakable, and promising.
You can be hot or cold; I’ll have you any way. I’ll never turn you down.
My Espresso, my Latte, my Cappuccino, my Americano, my Chococino, my Macchiato, my Viennois…

With all my love, forever and always yours,

The Coffee Lover

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