Contemplation of the Heart Sutra #1, poetry by Debra Black at
Unreal Airist

Contemplation of the Heart Sutra I

Contemplation of the Heart Sutra #1

written by: Debra Black



bees buzzing on lavender tips,
butterflies chasing, dancing
with death on poppy petals.
blue skies melting, merging, fading
into the blue, blue, lake.
grey skies flowing, melting, vanishing
into the grey, grey water.
suddenly no boundaries. no self.
just awake — beyond everything and nothing,
beyond every-thing-ness and nothing-ness,
blurring the inside and the outside of my heart.

words on a page,
locked in, locked out,
exploring the significance
again and again.
beyond the beyond,
awake beyond,
the great beyond,
the possibility of knowing
everything and nothing
again and again.
almost there. too much grasping.
quietude. silence. softness.

a breath, a pause, it returns
that mysterious mystery
sitting in awareness,
awareness in sitting,
dissolve, dissolving, dissolution
into nothing and everything.
awake; aware. self; no self.
perpetual motion
empty, radiant, piercing.
my heart soars
facing papered tin memories
in the here, the then and the forever.

standing on the far shore,
asking, answering, abandoning.
memory-tinged crumpled i-ness
then nothingness. again.
gone, gone. gone.



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