Contemplation of the Heart Sutra #2, poetry by Debra Black at
Unreal Airtist

Contemplation of the Heart Sutra II

Contemplation of the Heart Sutra #2

written by: Debra Black



the heart, unclasped, ungraspable,
breaking its ties to reality’s shadows.
undone, done, buttoned, released.
gone beyond everything and nothing,
an arrow piercing direct into the heart,
shattering, illuminating, shading, fading.
attainment; no attainment.
Waxing; waning,
inter-twined; entwined,
all being- no-being -non-being.
self, no self, all self
like milk and water,
blending, bleeding
into one, none, everything.
the interconnectedness, the impermanence,
edges blurring, the firmament flies away.
sotto voce: gone, gone, gone.
om gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate bodhi svaha.

suffering and sweetness,
going beyond.
into and beyond
the freeness, the freedom of dissolution and reality
as if, as if, as if…..
something and nothing
no form; form
the un-between, the in-between
resting in the heart of liberation.

my feet caked in mud,
steady on the groundless ground
of the heart and liberation.

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