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Softly Screaming

Softly Screaming

written by: huntersjames



Screaming hot like ice in free fall
Black jade bubbling up in withered guts
Limp inertia pressing lips, nose, skin taut mashed like snouts
Our earthen emerald sphere now or soon to be
Hemorrhaging 400’s at a time
Checkered browns and greens and circles gloating in our wake
More alloyed birds streaking to and farting streams

Before he’d lingered on her lips
Turned in hopeful irreality mixed or stirred
She wanted him then turned away.
He spat, she never saw speed saw to that.

Parting anger attenuates, turning fractal fractures sorrowful, singing zippers
Like mourning doves’ coos surprised then flying like beginners
Better still landing clumsy sandbags clanking like a ram’s anchors
He fell into his seat, sinking never stopping into darkness
Chasms deeper telescoping on into a deeper will
Never light nor heat nor whispers enter or escape

Was it a wall or the will?
Each thought a dagger stabbing down the chute of black muddy swirls of phlegm
The empty one its crown of pictures all dead men
Craven mesmerizing taunts entrapping all
We live to elbow each to reach our bottom
Climbing frantic counting score the piles of leaden coin

Losing time in rapid rants bending eyes reflecting
Her magnetic nails like fishing lures tangled rusted
Swallowed in the blue shark’s whale.
Blood blue bile spew forth in streams and rapids
As the snake encoils us all,
Tasting each with his poisoned prongs.

There are no meek to be found,
No perfect few and reason knows it true
Pretender hawks his lies of protest,
Better are the honest evil, though these be the least.

Then sleep and visions of the sky blue mountain
Jeweled lake reflecting upside down the gleaming heat of winter’s sun
No chance to frame the blinding flash into a memory
Of perfect truth like dreams of floating flying hardly trying.
Walking along the sandy pebbled beach
Massaging metatarsals’ flesh
Cleansing daytime’s dreary breath.
This path led up the hill a cabin ready-made stood built for me,
Or for my brother deserving more.
Gone ahead after bursting through the sky
With the 400s shattered ripped and shredded painless terror terminated
Except for friends, fathers, brothers, mothers’ lovers
Left to sift and sort the bloody muddy rain-soaked sodden piles.

While I lay watching from this perch upon my porch above,
Up slope from alpine lake.
Gone ahead, gone over, game over, healed of all my ill
Now strangely silent entombed with nature’s gift beyond all life
Could this be the new way?

Children come streaming screaming
Cheers lost on paths in lanes and paths of parents still to come
They scattered in a random circle dilating from its outer center.

From my crown in distant stars they formed an iris
In smell and sound and sight and touch
I sense them each one by one
Together in the abstract pattern of god’s eye they are.

Tomorrow’s promise today is born
Exulting life that’s always been
Now lost but only now obsession the assassin.

Run now, run with life and feel the inner eye
Our nature’s pulse in us always
Knowledge steals more than it gives
Addiction conceals our loss with foolish winking
Periodically our children play and give us love.

We feed ourselves but seldom taste or take its succor
How can it be we live?
Hiding in us all is life, unseen, unheard, unfelt,
Only smelled and then in swatches.

Explosions softly rocked my cradle above
No sense of balance to catch my falling, falling, falling
What is balance in the spirit world?
Yet there was motion, propelling, drawing, pushing
How, a mystery with no clue?

There it was again the pupils dilating fearsome
A welcome engraved for me.
Faster, faster and trusting as I saw the child.

Perfect soft and silky skin, round and plump with angel hair of hot blond curls
And eyes the color of a blackened rainbow
Pierced my heart with peace and still
I saw or felt my master.

Our master of the universe, transformed into the hall of no return
Surrounded by the garden walls of Spring
It seemed as flowers climbed into a sky beneath the water’s mirrored synchronicity
Reflecting fallen dreams that seemed anothers’.

This child a sorcerer perhaps,
Prostrated translucent perpetuity a world alive with peace.
Knowing not, feeling not, but more the comfort supreme.
Like licking drops of life before they fall
And drilling for desire’s dawn to be found.
I am found!
Could this be the new way?

Tasting before I saw I sensed paradise
Singing as silent was the summer night
Tomorrow at the feast would be sweeter than a nectar brewed
Long, long ago, in the beginning.

Sweetness, bitterness, tart, our tongue recoils
Then dives and dives again.
The attraction of a love divine,
Sweet peaches iridescent in their sticky dew
Melons creamy texture calling softly, softly, screaming irresistibly always, come again
Ears of kernels white and blue colored by their ancient makers
Drunken nectar dizzies with delight.

There would be stars exploding brightly just to pay the price
Piled in pyramids like Kailas sacred mountain
We tasted, savored, thankful without knowing we surrendered
What we knew became smaller than disappeared and set in our mind’s horizon gone
Peace and honeycomb at harvest
Could this be the new way?

Atop the tower under darkened sky of mirrors
As we gently lay exhausted
Spent at last on worthy charms time had slowed for us.
We startled unscared,
As spears of lightning rain and showers’ thunderous shaking
Soaking to the skin they nourish our drought
Bathing chapped skin and cracking lips
The desert of our past will live again
Biology again overcoming spirits.

This fantasy of time beneath a mortal thought
With certainty we are mute and metamorphisized
Tranquil the birdsong and pine breeze
Time transforms
Then dies itself to be no more.

We search lost souls never seared with life
Or scarred by presents sent by Saints.

Never is sooner that they will be heard again!
Our language ascended as a single word
This we know as always, love is alone as ozone after rain
Vapors drifting below the lightning exposing faded glories
Darkness delivered to the devil.
Replaced by light as blind as snow.

Hiking in the dark, a peaceful walk to see
By moonlight streams through piles of duff
As canyons give up our past
Our dust is our world and there we live until
Screaming softly to those who hear and know
We are now no more,
Time is our invention as a game to pass along
Screaming softly gently falling in our tea.

Floating on the canyon breeze,
Hearing melody again for the very first time
Could this be the new way?
Softly screaming.




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