Tomb of Our Love, a poem by Sue Marie St. Lee at

Tomb of Our Love

Tomb of Our Love

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


Remember the first day I saw you
So tall and good looking to me.
Went out of my way to pass by you,
So chancing that one day we’d meet.

Soon after my dream had unfolded,
Beyond when your arms held me close.
You promised to love me forever,
A promise too soon to be broke.

Alas, as the mad stars would have it,
Somewhere in our long-ago youth,
You turned from my love and affection,
Abandoned the dream and the truth.

How easy it was to deceive me,
To lie to my trusting brown eyes,
To kiss me with empty emotions,
Your lips ne’er again to meet mine.

You see, Love, ‘twas you who betrayed me,
You shattered my heart ‘gainst your reef
And yet, tho’ I did not deserve it,
You left me alone with the grief.

You sought after grandiose pleasures
And followed another one’s dream.
She promised to love you forever,
Her love’s but an elusive thing.

And now, as You stand on my threshold,
A threshold of life’s shattered dreams,
‘Tis you who is lonely and grieving,
Wishing no longer to dream.

‘Tis clear as the stars in the Heavens,
That shine thru a long winter’s night,
That Love, tho’ she dresses in sackcloth,
Is Love, unencumbered for life.

While you, thru your ignorance fainted,
And sought after finer raiments,
I stand in my limp ragged sackcloth
My heart now a tomb for our love.

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