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written by: Jenny Lu


everything falling apart
like my steering wheel slipping
like one bad grade
one touch setting me off
once misplacing my keys

and I tell myself it’s
just one bad night

one bad night and it’ll be
over in the morning
In the morning I’ll be in control
no room for mistakes

but my butterfingers are reckless
and I'm a burning ember waiting to be ignited
waiting for a psychedelic episode
where the colors in me spin
telling me to pick up the brush
and paint them hot
paint them blinding
they say to put the words on the page
to wreak havoc
set it all in flames
and watch the world burn at my fingertips
restless for one bad night.

Jenny Lu

Jenny Lu

Jenny Lu is a poet and artist, having recently published her first poetry book, “Still Life.” She strives to continue using her talents platforms to not only express herself but to also empower others and speak for those who cannot. In her free time, Jenny enjoys learning new languages, boxing, and feeding ducks.
Jenny Lu

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