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written by: TM Arko


We are the dislocated people
Forgotten ones
Caught in the middle
Of war
A war we did not start
The factions divided
Greedy foreigners
Who never bleed in their stuffed suits
In their marbled mansions
Bombs fall from our sky
Bullets scream through our air
Our children die
Our fathers starve
The world will know
The world does not know
Our crumbled dreams
Poison pools
The deadly arguments
Of fools
Using our land
For their destructive games
The beautiful weapons at play
Our scorched earth
Ramshackle shelters
We live in the rubble
Of fear
Hear our voices
As you lay down at night
When you awake listen for our cry
We are the displaced people
Forgotten ones
The world has to know



Pray for the peace of Yemen.

TM Arko

TM Arko

I live in the Pacific Northwest. A small community with farms and antique shops. Lots of rivers and lakes and these are some of the themes I like. I am a technical writer by trade so poetry offers me an escape from the more mundane industrial articles I work on day to day. I love music and am a classic rock fanatic. Love good books and stories too.
TM Arko

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